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Using Mail Merge

If you would like to use mail merge with results obtained from SAP, you can do so after having run a report in SAP.

  • Once you have the results on the screen, choose the download Word Processor option.
  • A dialogue will then prompt you to enter certain choices. Choose the form processing option.
  • Choose new Word document or existing Word document if you have one already set up.
  • Change the password option to "No password" unless of course you really do wish to have a password set.
  • Word should then be opened up and the data source transferred to Word. Enter your text for the letter and insert the mail merge fields from the drop-down button on the top left hand side.
  • Click on the «ABC» button to toggle between the data fields and the actual data.

You can now print or email off the results of the mail merge.

Key Reports within SAP HR

This table contains commonly used SAP HR Reports

Report NameReport Description
RDDKOR54Customer naming conventions for SAP tables etc
RPCDTFG0 Data Medium Exchange: Cancelling Transfers
RFBVALL_0Loads bank sort codes, branches etc
RHBEGDA0The report sets a new start date for the records found using the selection screen. It primarily serves to correct the start date of records retrospectively. To access the correct selection of records, enter the old start date. All records with the old start date are given the new start date. All other records remain unchanged.
RHINTE00Transfer Org Assignment from PA to PD
RHINTE10Prepare Integration (OM with PA)
RHINTE20Check program for PA-OM Integration
RHINTE30Creates batch input session for IT 0001 - using PD relationships.
RHMARP00Returns the material requirements per business event
RHMOVE00Outputs a sequential file - PD_DATASET
RHMOVE30Used to manually transport objects in Org Mgt
RHMOVE40Display and edit sequential PD Dataset
RHSTRU00useful report for displaying all related objects in a structure (hierarchy) according to the defined evaluation path.Can be used for any PD object in any database HRPnnnn.

org structure with org units (parents and children) - use evaluation path ORGEH
org structure with positions - use evaluation path PLSTE
org structure showing org units and employees - use evaluation path PERS-O
RPCDTFG0DME - cancelling transfers
RPCGTNG0New Gross to Net Control Report for the UK
RPCIPQ00Used to delete simulation posting runs
RPCSC000Payroll batch scheduler for breaking up the payroll run into jobs allowing payroll to be processsed in parallel as a number of batches
RPDASC00Explodes the whole schema - ctrl+F to find items. For PCR's and sub-schemas use 0000 to zzzz as the "from" and "to" values.
RPDKON00Assignment of wage types to G/L accounts (chart of accounts)
RPDLGA00Wage type statement - shows the permissibility of wage types.
RPDLGA20Use of wage types in payroll accounting - very useful. Shows the inner workings of how all the wage types are passed through the PCR's and what processing classes are accessed. Enter your country version. I always find it easier to us the "tree" option rather than the "table" option.
RPDLGA40Similar to RPDLGA20. Gives each wage type and shows each PC, EC and CC for each.
RPDSYS00Takes you to all the documentation in the SAP system
RPIBRT00Evaluation of Appraisals - creates a batch session to update IT 0008 based on the employees IT 0025 record.
RPIBRT01Group value of Appraisal criterion
RPINCL10Search for specific text in any report
RPLEAT00Starters and Leavers Report
RPLINFC0Infotype overview for an employee - very useful and much better than using the Personnel File on PA10. Shows all the infotypes for an employee.
RPLNHRU0New Hire Report
RPLNICG0Displays NI and CNIC values from the payroll results
RPPCUPG0Batch update for infotype 0071 - pensions GB
RPSDEV00Headcount report - quite good. Gives EE numbers per organisation entity
RPSEEOU1Equal Employment Opportunities - US driven report for statutory legislation
RPTIME00Time Evaluation
RPTKOK00Used to identify inconsistencies with absence quotas
RPTBPC10Used to correct inconsistencies - takes ages to run - rather correct them manually
RPTQTA00Used to generate absence quotas
RPU12W0SSaves backup and allows you to restore T512W from a previously saved copy
RPU51000Updates the values in table T510 - pay scale data
RPUAUD00Logged Changes in Infotype Data
RPUAUDDLDeletes documents from the database that were created
RPUAUDW0Allows you to view the records created from the above reports - have to have table T585A maintained as well
RPUCC000Check PCRs - allows you to run checks on PCR's
RPUCCCQ0Check Personnel Calculation Rules
RPUCCCX0Check Personnel Calculation Rules (International Version)
RPUCCOSEAllows you to search for text in any PCR
RPUCTC00Lists PCR's for any ESG and the associated processing steps
RPUCTE00Environment Analyzer: Functions, Operations, Schemas, PCRs
RPUCTER3Environment Analyzer: Functions, Operations, Schemas, PCRs
RPUCTF00Change attributes for schemas and PCR's (especially if you have executed the IMG step by mistake)
RPUCTI00Lists subschemas not called up in any other schema
RPUCTJ00Lists PCR's not called up in the schemas or PCR's
RPUCTP00Generation of payroll periods
RPUCTP10Generates calendars
RPUCTP20Generate further date specifications
RPUCTX00Copy PCR's from client 000 to other clients on the same server
RPUDEL20Delete payroll results. After deletion you must perform at least one retroactive accounting run for the earliest deleted payroll run
RPUDELPNAllows you to delete personnel numbers as a batch
RPUDIR00Restores the payroll results directory
RPUDNIG0Update table T5G_DTONI. Format can be a pain to get right. Rather maintain the table directly or cut and paste from Excel. Another alternative is to use a CATT procedure or LSMW to update the table.
RPUDPSM0Download source text of a program (type "PROG" in TADIR)
RPUDRQQ0Payroll Results (RQ) - originals and differences from retro periods
RPUDTEM0Downloads table entries
RPUDTSM0Downloads table structures
RPUGCC00Generates calculation rule check
RPUMKD00Features Directory - lists all available features
RPUMKG00Generates features
RPUMKS00Feature structure
RPUPROTDLog of report starts
RPUPROTUMaintain log
RPUPRRM0Pension report
RPUREP00Submit country-specific report in the info system
RPUSCC00Compare schemas
RPUSCD00Schema directory
RPUSCD10Schema directory
RPUSCG00Generate/check schemas
RPUSCGT0Generate/check schemas
RPUSTD00Used to transfer master data
RPUTAXU0Delete/insert tax table entries
RPUTCUG0HR-GB: Batch Input: Tax code uplift
RPUTMSE0TemSe files display
RPUTMSG0HR-GB: TemSe view and download program
RPUTMSI0Program for TEMSE catalog display
RPUTRBK0 Update any field on IT 0003 - payroll status
RPUTSD00Download a TemSe object to presentation server
RPUTSV00List of HR TemSe objects
RPUTSVDDDownload from data medium to Disk
RPUTTUU0Wage type update program
RPUTXT00Comparison of text elements
RPUWGTX0Used to create/delete new wage types
RSAQR3TRTransports queries, user groups & Infosets
RSCLCCOPOffers slightly more functionality than the transaction SSC1. You can run jobs in background mode - using SCC1 for a really big transport causes the system to time-out after a certain period
RSCMPADJView / table comparison
RSTXTRANAllows you to transport SAP Scripts - eg letters in Recruitment
RSUSR006List users last login



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